Landscape [nature]

I don’t know the reason why i always draw landscape. Maybe, because i like an adventure, so i really love nature šŸ˜€


Using my old Osama watercolor and ivory paper, i made 4 bookmarks with my painting on it. Each of them were not very colorfull because my old watercolor only remain yellow, green, black, and orange color -.-“



and the second one was my current painting. In this part, i used more color than before. Why? Because i used a new watercolor,, yeeaaay \(^^)/ . My brother bought it for his college assignment,, gave me benefit too šŸ˜€ . In this painting, i used linen paper (texture paper), it was good in result but so difficult in process, because this paper is more fibrous. So, before you brush the water, it was penetrated earlier. hahaa..

object picture (tulip):

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