Tumis Kangkung

What is the HAPPIEST MOMENT in your life?

I’m sure, all people have their own happiest moment, even a criminal/bandit/gangster, right? And it’s not always something that requires a huge cost. For me (and i think you’re in line with me), a very simple moment with your friends, family, wife, or husband can be the greatest and happiest moment ever you have to be grateful. Your FAMILY, your true FRIENDS is a one of the some reasons why you can survive in this hard life 😀 😀

hihi.. happiness is simple, isn’t it?

The part #1 story about “Happiness is Simple”

-Cooking a food for your family-


A delicious vegetable food from my lovely country INDONESIA is TUMIS KANGKUNG. The recipe is simple.


  • 2 bunches of Kangkung (water spinach)
  • 3 red chilies
  • 4 red onions
  • 3 garlics
  • 1 or 2 spoons of sweet soy sauce (kecap manis)
  • salt
  • 1 spoon javanese sugar/palm sugar
  • 2 daun salam (salam leaf)/Indonesia bay leaf
  • lengkuas (2 slice)



  1. slice the onions, garlic, chili. And then sauteed them in pan until slightly browned.
  2. add the salam leaf and laos into pan
  3. add 50 ml water
  4. add the kangkung (the stem first, because it need more time to cook) and salt. Stir to mix them
  5. in the end, add the palm sugar and soy sauce. mix and cook until the vegetable is soft, it’s not need much time. So be careful, don’t let the leaf browning, it means your Kangkung is over cooked. Make the leaf soft but still green in color.

So, Where is the special part?? hehe..

The special part is >> This food was gone in a flash!! My family eat them all, clean. Usually, if my mom cooked us, always remain in the end.

Yeah, i think, if we made something for our precious people and they like it.. it’s enough.

No more wonderful feeling than making people we love happy. Happiness is simple? 😉

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