Mocha Milk


Yeaay, i come back 😀

Yesterday, i made a milkshake. I prefer drinking chocholate milk rather than original (white), strawberry, vanila milk, ect. I don’t know. I think the taste is so annoying, so i can’t accept that -_____-” . But suddenly, there is something change my mind. Now, i like milk with various flavor: strawberry milk, jackfruit milk, melon, mocca, blueberry, etc. Thanks to Kalimilk Yogyakarta, the cafe that sell milk (drink) as their main menu. You rooooock bro (y).

Sadly, this cafe is located so far from my house, about 8-9 km. Can u imagine, someday in the cold, rainy night, you are really wanna wanna wanna drink (NGIDAM) that milk, u have to drive with motorcycle 9 km just for a cup of milk? males banget. I’ll choose sleep than do it.

But now, i’m happy b’cz there is similar cafe near my house (about 1 km) which has same menus. Thx u Juragan Susu, u save my life. ahahaa.. And in here, i found my fav milk beside jackfruit milk, it is caramel milk. In that time too, my friend ordered mocha milk, not so bad.. em yummy enough 🙂

Oke, i can remember how that mocha milk taste clearly. And in this section, i will tell you that i CAN MAKE this one by myself at HOME. Yeah, i think i have not to go to there to enjoy drinking milk. i prefer caramel milk, but i made mocha why? because i have mocha flavor only.. simple reason.


  1. milk powder 3 spoons, dilute into 200 ml water/ fresh milk 200 ml
  2. sugar 10 gr (if u like sweet)
  3. ice block (up to you)
  4. mocha (maple syrup)

Mix and blend all of them into blander machine until the ice block smashed. Finish!! so simple, see? Now, you no need to go out in the dark, cold, and damn night when you ngidam this, you can make it by yourself.

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