A year ago, i made mochi with my cousin. That day was a holiday. So, in her leisure time i asked her come to my house, to accompany me, made something easy food.

Do you know mochi?

Mochi is a kind of Japanese confection. It is made from glutinous rice (tepung ketan) and sugar, so the texture is very chewy and has sweet taste. For old people, maybe it difficult to bite off and so sticky 😀 ahahaa.. Indonesia have a similar food like this. I usually get this kind of food as a gift brought back from a trip in Bogor/Bandung or other area in West Java Indonesia. The package using a little box from bamboo (anyaman bambu). The mochi size is soooo small, one box you’ll get 10 mochi ball.

Normally, mochi has a filling inside. In Japan, mochi has red bean paste inside. In Indonesia, mochi is usually filled by peanut and javanese sugar mixed. So i think, the filling is not strict, u can use anything as fiiling. Actually u can take ice cream inside.


I use chocholate ice cream for the filling. Because it so sticky, u have to put flour/powder/cornstarch/gloutinous rice as layer.

The ingredients:

  1. Glutinous rice (tepung ketan)
  2. Sugar
  3. Water
  4. Chocolate Ice cream
  5. Vanila flavor
  6. food coloring (up to youuuu ><)

Yummy, tasty, soft, sweet, chewy, deliciousss

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