I like reading. Anything. Science book, comic, novel, biography, Sirah, religion, manymore. So, i prefer buy books rather than buy clothes/shoes/or fashion things. As a woman, am I abnormal? haha. I feel that I’m a normal woman, but some friends always tell me that being like that is abnormal, and i’m labeled as “aneh” woman.

Something that i hate when i buy the book is there was no bookmark inside. Ga penting sih tapi nyebelin aja. Huuuf.

Don’t be sad. We can use paper as bookmark. If we want to make it more beatiful or uniqe, we can paint it. Using my brother’s ivory paper (sisa), drawing pen, cutter, and pencil. He’s an architect student, so, he always have a lot of thing that i need to make craft/something, thank you God.

For coloring, i use my old watercolor/gouache “osama”. For brush i use Lyra no.6.

So this is it! My own bookmark


Sakura theme 🙂 i like drawing all about tree, dont know why hehe.

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