My homemade yoghurt ^^

Im colege student in gadjah mada university, u know it? Haha, maybe it’s not as popular as harvard, cambride, todai, or etc. but it popular enough in my country 😀
Oke enough. I’ll tell u about my skripsi. I dont know what other people called it, maybe “undergraduate thesis” ?

My skripsi is about functional food. It’s laboratorium experimental. And u have to know that using Lab is not chep, u need much money to rent, buy raw material, media, tool, manymore, even technician fee. I must thx to God, coz i did it freeee! Alhamdulillah. So, I didn’t use my own money. Thx to my friend and exactly my dosen (college teacher/lecturer), we got HIBAH from faculty to cover up all the cost. Yayy ^^

From my experiance in lab, now i know how to make yoghurt by myself. Bcz of that, i hv an idea to make it at home. And in the first trial i made it successfully.

When in Lab, i need pure culture of probiotic, autoclave, waterbath, incubator, and others lab equipment. But at home, do we need them? Yes! U need them but in other form. Oke i’ll explain it.

  1. Pure culture of bactery. U can use comercial pribiotic drink that available in supermarket. Ex: Yakult, Chimory, Biokul, vitacharm. I used vitacharm bcause it heve 3 strain of bactery as probiotic.
  2. Autoclave to sterilization, i dont use it hahaaa.
  3. Waterbath for pasteurization the milk. Oke i use rice steamer. It’s for sterilization too. But u can’t manage the temperatur..hehe
  4. Incubator. Oh men, aku harus muter otak buat mikirin cara inkubasi. I have to think sooo hard to substitute real incubator. If you have oven, maybe u can use it. Set the temperatur at 45°C for 6 hours or 37°C for 10-12 hours. But i dont have. So, taraa *cling* i use the rice cooker. No, i didnt put the glass into the ricecooker, but i only put it above, bcoz it’s warm enough 🙂


This is the pict, the texture is not liquid again but semisolid. And the taste? Ahaa, delicioussss. U can save it in refreegerator. I used it one day later to make mixed fruits with yoghurt sauce.


Mix the fruits with yoghurt and give cocopandan syrup above, so tasty 🙂

*the pict is so blur, i take it with my old HP hehe, only 2MP (lol)

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