Simple tree

Sudah lamaaaa sekali ga pegang kuas! lebai ya? :p eh beneran tapi, gara-gara jadwal kuliah yg selalu aduhai ga jelasnya minta ampun, ditambah tugas-tugas berjibun, PKL, KKN, skripsi dsb,, dan AKHIRNYA.. *jeng jeng jeng jeng*


inililah jadinya,, simple tree 😀

It’s my first trial using watercolor technically. Emm,  i have used watercolor many time but i usually draw or paint with no technic (whatever i like, i want, i’ll do). yeah coz im not an artist, not student who study at art school or something like that, but i like drawing, painting since  i was a child. B’cz it my first trial, i have to learn some technic in painting, so, i searched at google, hmm there’s no clue. so i moved to youtube and taraaaa so many many videos that explain me to use watercolor, yeah something like tutorial videos. And i used this video to learn coz it’s simple. But, i only did it for the tree. i added the sky and land myself.

hohoo, i think for the beginer and amateur, it’s satisfied enough *muji diri sendiri*

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